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China Driving License Application
your one-stop driver license service center in China

We can can help you to  get a Chinese Drivers LicenseDo you need a Chinese Driver's License?
We can help you to get a permanent China Driver License in less than a month.

The Driver License is legal and is issued by Public Security Bureau (Traffic Authority in China) This service is available for Foreign Citizens, Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao , Taiwan Residents and China Passport Holders.
If you do not have A Chinese Resident permit, A Working(Z) Visa, A Valid Visa from China(expired), A Valid driver license from your country(expired)... We can still help you. Please contact us.

Note: No Driving Test, Medical Examination or Permanent Resident Permit are required.
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International Driver LicenseCan I drive with an International Driver's License in China?

No. you can not, you can't drive with an International Driver's License in China, However, China laws say that foreign residents can have a china driver's licences and that an IDP (International Driver's Permit) can be converted to a local chinese driver's licence, with an additional examination.

Getting a driver license in China might be complicated.
Some people have been asked to take a written test in chinese, others to get a bilingual test form. Sometimes you are allowed to bring a translator and sometimes you can be excused from taking the driving and writting test, if you have a foreign license, sometimes not.
The particular complications seem to vary from place to place and over the time.
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Applying  yourself for your chinese driver licenseCan I apply myself for my Chinese Driver's License?

Yes you can ! But...
You can apply yourself for your chinese driver's license if you are over 18, if you have a Working Visa, if you have a permanent resident (at least 1 year permit), if you take the medical examination, if you translate and notary all the required documents and paperworks, if you are willing to wait up to 6 month or even 1 year for the appoiment for your driving and/or writting test, etc, etc... but still it won't guarante you will pass and get your chinese driving licence.

Or you can choose our profesional one stop service to obtain your license !

We are here to help and assist you during the entire process, our service will safe you time, money and a lot of headaches.
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China Driving License Renewal/Extension Service
How to renew/extend a Driver's License in China?

We can can help you to  get a Chinese Drivers LicenseWhat should I do when my 6 year China driver license will be expired soon?
Can i renew my china diving license after that? What if i have moved to another city already? Do i need to go back to the China driver license issued first place to renew it?

Yes, you can do it. But normally you do need to go back to the issued license place to get it renewal or extension if you have never moved your license address before into your local living city; And you need to have the issued place Chinese Residence Permit Working Visa; You need to...

No! You don't need to all of those troublesome things, you don't need to go there in person. You can choose our professional one stop service to obtain your license renewal.
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